Monday, October 8, 2012

Trip to Little Farmer Orchard - Fond Du Lac WI

With two young boys our house can feel awfully small and time flies by week to week and there you sit w/ another week gone by without finding too many activities for the little guys. Upon the advice of my wife's co-worker, we ventured towards Fond Du Lac to visit Little Farmer Orchard.

It was a nice fall day travelling southbound from Appleton on HWY 55 enjoying the fall colors and view of Lake Winnebago. That alone was just about worth the 45 minute trip enjoying the fantastic foliage Wisconsin has to offer this time of year.

The first thing that impresses about Little Farmer is the size of the operation. While I was expecting to visit a basic Wisconsin farm open to the public, this place had parking attendants directing traffic and hayride tractors going by. Suddenly I knew this was a big operation. I continued to be impressed by observing there was no admission fee to enter the farm.

With all the parking attendants and restrooms I just simply assumed we'd have a modest admission to pay. Access was free and you only paid for activities like a hay ride, the corn maze or food / gift items. It was quite refreshing to visit such a nice location with no admission fee which had access to a unique farm themed playground, animals, orchards and pumpkin patch. Later in the day there was live music and still plenty of traffic arriving at the farm.

While we couldn't stay as long as we would've liked (or were prepared for), we definitely plan to make a return trip knowing now what the atmosphere is like.

Don't take the stroller in the corn maze FYI.

Packing a lunch may be a good idea as its a great location for a family picnic.

 All things considered, a fun family day at low cost that didn't involve TV, movies or video games. Just farm fresh air and outdoor play time.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Kensington Grille Satisfies

With young children, opportunties to have a nice dinner out with your spouse can be few and far between. 
Therefore, I am typically reluctant to try a new restaurant at the risk of having a less than satisfactory meal during one of these precious evenings. 

That's why I am pleased to share our positive experience while dining at the Kensington Grille in Appleton recently. 

The Kensington Grille on Urbanspoon

I had the grilled ahi tuna over wasabi risotta and it was absolutely delicious.  The waitress was very helpful and knowledgeable about the entrees. 

We also sampled the clam chowder which was delicious as well. 

Overall, my wife and I were very pleased and definitely look forward to going there again.  It provided an atmosphere of fine dining while having reasonable prices and what I considered bigger portions than your typical fine dining experience. 

Here is their website and it happens to be convienently located near a wine bar as well.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Found Some Really Good Hot Dogs

Today I tried this angus beef Oscar Mayer hot dogs.  And let me tell you they were delicious.  If you are looking for a hot dog that is pretty close to those awesome "Lambeau Dogs" at Lambeau Field in Green Bay, then you should try these.  Here is a link to the product page.

So good I had to write about it.


Thursday, January 12, 2012

Hot Stuff At The Appleton YMCA

Today I took my son to the downtown YMCA in Appleton for his sunfish swimming lessons.

My wife and I decided to register with this particular YMCA because they have a pool for kids that is heated.  They aren't messing around with the heat either. 

At first it seemed nice to step into such a warm pool but it didn't take long for my son and I to overheat.  He is a 2-year old that loves water and ultimately wanted to leave the pool and go home.  As I looked at his beet-red face, I could only conclude that the temperature had gotten to him. 

Then finally as we made our way through a standard Wisconsin snow storm to our car, I started to feel a bit light-headed and my rear view mirror indicated my face was beet-red also. 

Hopefully the YMCA turns it down a notch on the small pool.  I think we'll give it another shot next week but then would have to consider taking our business elsewhere.  Everyone there was very nice, my first trip to this YMCA, but the temperature was simply too much. 

Just a heads up to my fellow parents out there. 

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Fox Valley Blogger Day 1

Welcome to Day 1 of the Fox Valley Blogger. 

I'm just a middle aged man looking to post some thoughts.  I live in an area referred to as the Fox Valley named for the Fox River in Northeast Wisconsin.  Hence the name.

I thought perhaps it may be wise to refer to something more local in the title in the chance I may use this blog to write about things local to my area in addition to other topics.

Who knows how much or little this may get used.  But at any rate, it now exists.

Fox Valley Blogger